Hello! I’m Richard. I’m pleased you’ve dropped by.

There are quite a few short pieces over there on the right. To read one, all you’ll need is however long it takes you to munch a biscuit over your coffee or tea! And if you like any of them and find them entertaining, I’m keen to direct you towards my novel, ‘Homeward Bound’, described below. And if you’ve arived here from the ebook, looking for the music of the book, click here!

Anyway, welcome to my blog pages.

Homeward Bound has been described as ‘a really special one – a plea for all to curl up with a hot drink and read this gorgeous hug of a book!’

It’s a story of family, love and chasing your dreams. 79 year-old George and his teenage granddaughter, Tara, couldn’t be more different. When Tara moves in with George, can they overcome the generation clash and learn from each other?

The reviewers are loving it. ‘I couldn’t put it down,’ and ‘If this book was a song, I’d play it every day’ are just two of the amazing feedback it’s receiving. If you don’t believe them, here are some links to sites where other comments have been left: Goodreads, Netgalley, Amazon, Waterstones and I’ve highlighted some other reviews as blogs and pages on this site. But the best proof would be in the reading. If you do, I hope you enjoy it – and feel free to let me know what you think!